Stephen Wilson
Ten years ago Stephen  started Professional Inspection Services.  
After talking with real estate agents and consumers concerning the
home inspection business in the area, Stephen realized two
things.  First, that most home inspectors in the area were doing
repairs on the homes they inspected, thus raising questions
regarding their objectivity.  Second, that buyers in the area were
receiving "Systems Inspections" but thinking they were receiving a
home inspection. (See Common Questions section)
Since starting Professional Inspection Services, Stephen has
performed over 4000 inspections, achieved Certified Inspector
status in the American Society of Home Inspectors, is a member of
the Georgia  Chapter of  ASHI and the International Code Council.  
Stephen began teaching the home inspection class at Columbus
State University thus passing on his ideas regarding home
inspections and his knowledge to future home inspectors.  He is
also a member of the ASHI Code of Ethics Committees which
handle questions regarding interpretation of the as well as writes
and edits any updates.
ASHI # 210074
ICC# 5149102
AL Licence # HI-0584