The cost of a home inspection  varies depending upon the square footage of the house and any
additional systems that are to be inspected, i.e. pool, sprinkler system, or extra outbuilding.  The
normal inspection cost includes the initial inspection and the follow up inspection to make sure
that all repairs have been done correctly.  To receive a quote on a home inspection give us a call at
706-565-0333 or 1-888-281-3794 between 8am and 7pm Monday-Friday and 10am-3pm on
Saturday.  You can also go to the "Contact Us" tab and email us.  Professional Inspection Services
will be in touch with you the same or the next business day.
Prior to performing a home inspection Professional Inspection Services, LLC must have a signed
contract with the client giving us permission to perform the inspection.  If you are not going to be
able to attend the inspection, please download the appropriate contract from the list below and
after signing it, fax it to Professional Inspection Services, LLC at 706-562-8447.
- Home Inspection Contract
When and how can I pay for the inspection?
Payment for an inspection is usually done at the completion of the inspection.  You can pay for the
inspection with either cash, check, Master Card or VISA.
How Much Is A Home Inspection?