Sample Pictures
Additional photos are on various pages
Foundation problems evident
from the outside by the sagging
roof and the leaning and bowing
in the exterior wall.
Sliding glass door to no where - safety issue.
Added pillar in crawlspace.  No mortar
between the bricks, no footing, different types
of brick and whole pillar is leaning.
Evidence of termite activity - wood to
earth contact at the added pillars.
Floor supports below the front porch
have collapsed.
Bricks have fallen and are missing at the
back wall of the fireplace.
Lug connections at the panel box are
overloaded with three wires for each lug.
Improper exterior cover for a
receptacle that always has a plug
inserted into it.
Pool gate opens inward toward the
pool (a child could push against it and
open it) and does not close on its own
(again a safety issue).
Improper flashing for brick chimney.  
Needs to use step and counter
flashing.  Roof decking was damaged
below this area
Improper dryer vent.  Vent should be a
smooth walled pipe without any dips
or valleys.
Drain from sink is running into the
condensate line from the interior
evaporator coil.  Condensate line is too
small to handle the drainage from the
sink and does not run to a suitable
waste disposal area.
Electrical wire junction in the cabinet
below the range that is not in a
junction box.  Safety issue.
Door knob without a latch.
Garage door not opening completely.
Attic stair does not extend
completely to the floor.
Water leaking at the base of the
commode.  Most likely a problem with
the wax ring.
Twisted deck post and deck floor joists
not resting securely on beam.
This attic heating and cooling unit had
been recently serviced, but because of
the tight confines of the attic, the service
people completed the necessary
repairs but left quickly not putting the
appropriate covers back over the
electrical wires.
Mold on drywall from previous water
heater leak.  Health and safety
issue.  Drywall will probably need to
be replaced.
Deck rim board attached to the house
with bolts (good), but there are no post
supporting the side rim joists of the
deck at the house.  The rim board and
rim joists are simply attached with the
2x4 block at the base and three nails.
Leak from the kitchen plumbing
through the floor and into the
crawlspace.  The leak is inside the
walls and was not visible from
inside the kitchen.
Broken wheel on garage door.
Electrical grounding wire is attached to
a piece of galvanized plumbing pipe that
has been disconnected from  the
plumbing system.  Therefore the
electrical system is no longer grounded.
Mold on ceiling from roof leak.  
Incorrect breakers placed into panel
box, and the breakers are not fitting
No insulation in attic
Water heater flue not connected to
hood allowing carbon monoxide to
enter property, and there is no shutoff
at the cold water pipe.
Copper plumbing pipe has been
removed below the bathroom by
Inadequate floor repair.  The parts of
the pillars are not positively attached
to each other, and the wood 2x4s
are starting to pull away from each
Floor joist no longer being supported
because of collapse of crawlspace
vent opening.
Garage door arm has  disconnected
from the bracket.